Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Get To Blogger In Draft

This is something that isn't necessarily for beginners but is very easy to use and will make things easier if I just present it now.

Ok you're familiar with Well there is also something called blogger in draft --- . This is where a lot of new Gadgets and capabilities are introduced that are not functional yet on the standard When you change things here it will take effect on your blog like the standard, but it just offers a lot more options.

So to use it you just go to and login like you usually would. The blogger in draft main page looks like this:

Or, if you are already logged into the standard blogger, just delete the "www" part of the address no matter whats after the ".com" -- could be /post-edit-g kljlksdj whatever just leave that part alone. Just delete the "www" part and insert "draft" and you will remain on your current screen that your logged into but you will now be in the draft version.

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