Saturday, February 28, 2009

Add Traffic Feed & Map To Your Blog

This is just a fun extra. This will put a traffic feed and map on your blog. It will show live stats on who's visiting from where at what time and showcase it on a world map.

1st go here for traffic feed and map. There's other stuff you can get but I recommend the 1st 2- the feed and map. All you have to do is put your cursor in tone of the boxes and it will automatically highlight.

Just right click your mouse and copy, pull up the HTML&Javascript widget in your blogger layout and copy the 1st code into that box. Go back copy the other code and past it in the same HTML&Javascript widget.

Click Save. Arrange the new gadget where you want it on your blog layout-- most likely near the bottom or at least the middle. And click Save up near the top of the layout. That's it. Go check you new blog for new visitors-- Guess who the 1st one is that it shows? YOU!

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  1. Blogspot now has a feature which allows the owner to check this out.