Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Remove Blog Title From Post Title

When you create a post, it creates a separate page based on the date and title you gave your post. However, by default blogger will shot the title of your blog 1st before it shows the title of your post. So it's in the form of Blog Title : Post Title.

When search engines are trying to index your site they give you extra brownie points by what is written in the title. So if someone was searching for "brown puppies" and your title or your post was "brown puppies", then this would make your post seem more relevant than a post titled "big cars". Now the problem is if your blog title was "Favorite Stuff" then your post on brown puppies would read "Favorite Stuff: Brown Puppies" to the search engines. Obviously this is degrading the value of the title by keeping the blog title in place. So, we want to get rid of it. How do we do it?

  1. Log into the Dashboard and select the appropriate blog.

  2. Goto Layout

  3. Edit HTML

  4. You should backup your template although there should not be a problem.

    Save to your computer. It's an XML file you can always upload it again if you need to.

  5. Find the following code:


  6. (tip Go to Edit on your browser and Select --> Find and Paste code at the bottom of browser find input box)

  7. Replace this tag with the following:

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>





  8. So just highlight the previous code and copy this code in it's place.

  9. Save The Template

That's it. Now try clicking on a post and notice how it now only shows the post title in the top part of the browser.

Here's an example.




  1. It is a good habit backing up your template even if you are sure nothing will go wrong.

  2. yeah..great post man.. It work's for me..

  3. Sweet. I hate the default behavior, because it makes your articles easy to dismiss (and defeats the purpose of a creative title).

    This is the best 'how to' I've found to fix this.

  4. thank you.....
    It really work

  5. So what if you have a custom template and there is no titledata:blog.pageTitle//title

  6. That really worked...thanks for the info!

  7. Thanks so much for posting this;)

  8. This is helped me to customize my blog , thanks a lots for this tutorial

  9. I implemented the code, it's working great so far. Thanks for the tip.