Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Add Blogger Subscrption Links

Subscription links are a relatively new gadget added by google to blogger. To get there go to layout and add a gadget. On this blog I've added it to the bottom of the layout/page.

Once the various gadgets are pulled up, scroll until you find this one and click to open like shown in the picture.

Once you click the plus sign this screen will show and you can whatever text you want to display to get visitors to subscribe.

Click Save and check you blog. That's it!

Here's what it looks like on this blog:


  1. hi,
    do you know how I can get the subscription links to be formatted horizontally (one right next to the other on the same line) so that I could put them right under the header?
    Here is my blog, and as you can see the subscription link looks bad where it is. And I'd like to not take up more space in the sidebar.

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